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How does RevRoles work?

No more resumes. No more endless manual screening. No more bad-fit interviews.

RevRoles reduces your time to hire by weeks, matching and filtering candidates with only the data you care about.

RevRoles is the best way to get best-fit candidates in your funnel right away, before someone else does.

Why RevRoles?

Protect Revenue

Save time and money, get to the best candidates quickly

In today’s hiring market, time really is money. You need to make the right hires and secure the best candidates quickly to amplify your future revenue performance.

Better Decisions

Fantastic hires using only the data that matters

You want sales candidates that match the job description you spent so long writing. RevRoles uses only the data you care about so you can make a great hire every time.

Continuous Improvement

Fire up hiring-manager performance every time

RevRoles has all the data you need to boost hiring-manager performance. You can see gaps, identify where to lean in, where to make changes, where to double down.

How we help

Structured data

Resumes are unstructured and inefficient. RevRoles uses only the data on your Ideal Candidate Profile to match and rank every candidate.

Instant comparison

RevRoles swaps out human bias for data, so you can objectively compare candidates’ strengths, weaknesses and experience.

Video pre-screen

For more time efficiency and more meaningful interviews, RevRoles uses data to compile your shortlist and video to pre-screen your candidates.

Candidate pipeline

Open roles or not, you can maintain a strong pipeline of candidates, matching them dynamically to new roles as their skills and experience change.

Dynamic scorecard

Scorecards – default or custom – help you elevate interview consistency and score smarter by comparing performance with pre-hire scorecards.

Assess for success

By assessing for likely future performance, culture-fit, coachability and more, you surface candidates easily missed when shortlisting just by experience.

Simple steps to sensational hiring

RevRoles brings the data, so you can enjoy the hiring process

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